Lom Stave Church - one of the largest

LOM STAVE CHURCH is one of the largest of the stave churches still left in Norway.

The church was build in the middle of the 12th century and has been the main church in Lom ever since. An analysis of the timber in the oldest part of the church shows that it was built around 1160.

One of the largest still standing

Both the nave and the chancel are built in the stave technique and bounded by a large corner stave in each corner. The church has an elevated middle room where the ceiling is held up by a row of inner staves (columns). These staves go from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. Originally, there was an external gallery all around the church, but this was removed when the church was enlarged in the mid-1600s. The carved dragon heads on the roof are characteristic of the church from the beginning.

Like today, Lom was an important intersection between East and West, and Lom Stave Church was a busy church during the Middle Ages, where the villagers shared the space with pilgrims and other travellers passing through Lom. More about Lom Stave Church

Open for visitors every day during the summer season

The church is open for visitors every day during the summer season, and we open for groups all year on request. We can provide English and Norwegian speaking guides every day If you need a French, German, Spanish or Russian speaking guide, it is wise to make a reservation at least a week prior to the visit. More for visitors


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