Open for visitors every day during the summer

The church is open for visitors every day during the summer season, and we open for groups all year on request. We can provide English and Norwegian speaking guides every day If you need a German speaking guide, it is wise to make a reservation at least a week prior to the visit.

From 2012 information in the following languages is available: English, French, Finnish, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Czech, Japanese and Hebrew 

Please, observe that the church is the main church in Lom and not a museum. We ask you kindly to remind the groups about this and bear this in mind during the visit. We also ask you to inform your guests that smoking is strictly forbidden outside the church as well as inside (fire hazard).

We take the following reservations:

• Lom stave church is the parish church and might be closed for regular services, funerals and weddings etc. without further notice being given.

• Waiting time owing to heavy influx of tourists

• We may at times not be able to give a guided tour in the required language. Alternative language is usually English.

The church

Entrance fees 2022:

Nok 100.- /person (group less than 10 persons)

Nok 80.- /person in group (minimum 10 persons, and one person pay for all in the group, otherwise price per person)

Nok 60,- senior and student

Children u/15 together with parents free

Othervise Nok 40,-

Outside the regular opening hours, minimum charge is Nok 600.-

We accept vouchers, most credit cards and cash (NOK).

In the main season there are a lot of visitors. In order to give your group the best possible service, we recommend that you book the guided visit in advance.

Telephone guides during opening hours: (+47) 970 75 397

(June 1st -  September 25th  2022)

Opening hours 2022

June 1st  -  June 20th                    10:00-16:00

June 21st -August 14th                   10:00-19:00

August 15th - September 25th        10:00-16:00

Information / booking:

Call: (+47)  970 75 397 / 481 65 527